Two Killerwhales

Collected by Julia Averkieva from the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) of Vancouver Island, Canada. According to legend all great chiefs who die are transformed into killerwhales. Killerwhales are believed to be closely related to humans, thus allowing the transformation.

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Step 13 - A single loop and a double loop encircle the R palmar string (the string that runs from hooked R45 to R1); with the L hand lift the double loop over the single loop and arrange the loops so that the double loop is near R4 and the single loop is near R1; with R3 hook down the R palmar string segment that lies between the arranged single and double loops; release R1 loop, then with R1 remove the R3 loop from the fingertip side; extend and arrange the figure as needed; you have "Two Killerwhales".