Goose and Bear

Collected by Julia Averkieva from the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) of Vancouver Island, Canada.

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Step 5 - Three strings run horizontally across the figure. They form the base of a triangle whose upper sides are made of double strings.

L2, from the far side, passes through the triangle, then enters the L45 loop from the fingertip side; L2 catches L45f and returns with it through the triangle, then L2 enters the L1 loop from the fingertip side as R45 releases its loop.

R5 passes to the left in front of all intervening strings, enters the L1 loop from the knuckle side, removes the hooked L2 loop from the fingertip side, and returns to the right where it presses the removed loop to the right palm; extend and arrange the figure, hooking down 1f with 2 if necessary to prevent loop slippage; You have a "Goose".